Taking a train in Vietnam is quite an adventure. In addition to affordable price, train also give you time for sightseeing, relaxing, making new friends, playing games. If you have time, forget the plane and try to travel by train to enjoy the new experiences of journey that you may have never got.

If you are planning to get an overnight train in Vietnam, here are the list of things to know before you go. Very useful!

Buy ticket

Many people usually wait for months to book cheap air tickets. But with trains, it’s not that tiring because the fare is much cheaper.

Book your tickets as soon as possible if you decide to travel by train. This will help you save some money, avoid situations such as cannot find the suitable seats or run out of tickets.

In addition, if you go in large group, purchase ticket early will help your group stay in the same cabin. A cabin has about 4 to 6 beds, which is suitable for a small group to have private space.

Normally, the seats on train are classified into types: hard seat, hard berth, soft seat and soft berth. Each type has its own price. You need to know your travel itinerary to choose the right seat. For long journey, soft berth will be the perfect choice to avoid tiredness. Meanwhile, soft seat are suitable for short distances. If you want spacious seats as well as for better cost savings, you can choose hart seats.


Moving from the station entrance to the train is quite far so the best carry baggage should be lightweight, convenient. Dress comfortably when on the train. Important personal belongings should be kept in a small bag for convenient use when needed. Other luggage can be stored under the lower berth of the cabin.


Choose soft, comfortable, lightweight clothing to wear on train. Remember to bring a lightweight jacket with you. A scarf that can help you when needed.


For cheap tickets, meals are not included on board. On the train there are canteens selling fast food such as noodles, rice porridge, and snack. If you have a long journey, bring your own fruits, food, water and tissue paper.

Enjoy the journey

Remember to enjoy your trip. Depend on the time and the route, the train will take you through local villages, rice paddies, mountain scenery. When flying at a height of 9,000 meters, you will not have chance to see the above views. Through the window of the train, the scenery along the way is even more worth a visit. You will be relaxed throughout the trip instead of sleeping on the plane.

Make new friends

A journey on the train will be an opportunity to connect with your friends, without having to face a screen on the plane or be disturbed by the car horn when driving.

In addition, the train also give you a chance to make new friends. Seats on the train often face each other, very easy to talk. On the plane, the bar area is reserved for VIPs, while on train, the dining hall is for everyone to eat and drink.