Cat Ba Archipelago in Hai Phong province consists of 367 islands and islets, of which Cat Ba Island is the most popular one. Although it has been known for a long time, Cat Ba still retains many beautiful natural beauty thanks to its isolation. With fresh climate, average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, sandy beaches and pristine forests, the island is a great getaway and suitable for travelers who love exploring. If you have the opportunity to visit Cat Ba, you should try the following experiences:

1. Swimming

From the center of Cat Ba town, you can walk or rent a motorbike or tram to the nearby beaches of Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III. These are small clear beaches linked by a small path along the mountainside. Cat Co I is wide but crowded, while beach II and III are narrower and more peaceful. After 18:39, there will be no one at the beach to ensure safety because the tide up very quickly.

2. Snorkeling

Under the reef there are many clusters of red coral with many precious seafood like abalone, pearl, dragon shrimp, and colorful fish. Diving into the ocean, you will be lost in another world that you normally see on television or discovery channel.

3. Cannon Fort

Rent a motorbike to the Cannon Fort sits on a peak 177m high, to get a panorama of Cat Ba Island. It is a French era fort used in the defense of Hai Phong during the Vietnam War. A hike also well worth it. The Cannon Fort offers visitors incredible views of Cat Ba Island, its coast and the limestone karsts of Lan Ha Bay offshore.

4. Nightlife

It is possible to rent a motorbike, bicycle to go along the seaside and enjoy the fresh air. However at weekends, only walking is allowed. Some tourist prefer to walk along the mountain path that connect the three main beaches in the evening to soak up in the cold of night.

5. Lan Ha Bay

The bay includes islands and islets rising from the sea and many cavern systems similar to Halong Bay. However, many visitors said that visiting Lan Ha Bay is more interesting because the scenes are much more unspoiled than Halong. Tourists can also visit the fishing village or kayak around the bay.

6. Monkey Island

This place is suitable for group with young children. In Monkey Island, there is Cat Dua Beach, the most beautiful beach on Cat Ba Island. In front of the beach is the hills that make the bay extremely special.

7. Climbing

This is a type of adventure attractive to brave travelers to Cat Ba. The favorite hiking sites include: Dau Be Island (2 hours by boat from Cat Ba Tourist Port), Ben Beo Mountain Cliff (2 km from Cat Ba center), and Ba Trai Dao Island (22 Km south from Cat Ba Tourist Port).

8. Cat Ba National park

The World Biosphere Reserve - Cat Ba National Park with its rich flora and fauna, and pristine nature is a must-see attraction when traveling to Cat Ba Island. You can try to experience the feeling of walking in the forest, biking through the forest trail, joining in nature to suddenly encounter rare species such as Cat Ba langur. Go to Cat Ba National Park, you will be able to taste natural products here such as wild honey.

9. Cavern system

Da Hoa Cave is located in the north east mountain range, the living place of Gia Luan community, north of Cat Ba Island, is a popular sightseeing site. Although its location is not far from the residential area, Da Hoa Cave is almost intact and a familiar place in the travel research tours. Other interesting caves include: Trung Trang cave (in Trung Trang valley, 15 km northwest of Cat Ba), Quan Y cave ... with beautiful stalactites.